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GEHRMANN Solutions Insurance Broker

Company founder Karsten Gehrmann is a nationally accredited Insurance Manager with over 28 years of industry experience; 15 years of them in managerial positions.
The specialization of the company is to insure people who are staying abroad for professional reasons. The company provides comprehensive cover and support for individual persons and companies. Given the wide range of  insurance solutions, it is possible to respond to the individual needs of customers. Gehrmann Solutions offers worldwide coverage in almost all areas of insurance. As a result the customers don’t have to change cover in case of change of residence or country.
As a foreigner  you must be able to adapt in almost all areas and partially leave your accustomed way of life behind. In the insurance sector there is no difference, however and there are ways not to have to live without the usual quality of coverage. Whether in health insurance, retirement benefits, disability insurance, household insurance or liability insurance, our company has solutions for the private sector as well as group contracts for  companies.
The extent to which personal plans, professional status or the strategy of a company plays a role has to be looked at individually. What you should look at in terms of insurances and which legislative changes play a role we would like to explain further.

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冠利logo(加字透明)Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co.) Beijing Office

Tradition and innovation are hallmarks of corporate history. Kühne can look back at almost 300 years of business, making it one of the oldest family – run companies in the German food industry – and it is still as dynamic as the day it began. We draw our energy from an ideal mix of experience and creativity. As a master of fine taste, Kühne knows how to refine the very best quality. Tradition challenges our innovative power and spurs us on to become even better.

Kühne knows what gourmets Enjoy. Every day, millions of people choose Kühne products when they buy food. Fine, aromatic vinegar, crunchy gherkins, mild, fruity red cabbage, strong mustard, fine yoghurt dressings and many other products delight gourmets everywhere. Kühne has been the market leader in its core ranges for many years and is one of the largest brands in Germany.

Modul16_for webModul 16 Architects and Engineers

Tätig in Deutschland und China, sowie in Teilen von Nordafrika und Asien sind ein junges Team aus internationalen Architekten, erstellen herausfordernde Entwürfe aus allen Teilen den Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Landschaftsarchitektur bis hin zum gesamten Projektmanagement.

Realisierte Projekte inWohnungsbau, Städtebau, Infrastrukturbauten sind nur einige Referenzen, welche wir für Private und Öffentliche Auftraggeber umgesetzt haben. Hierzu zählen Unternehmen wie Siemens, Daimler, AMG, BMW, Midea, ABP, Pekinger Olympiade 2008 und weitere.

Sie haben ein Bauvorhaben, benötigen neue Ideen – Wir haben sie, sprechen Sie uns einfach an.


TUI China Travel

An affiliate of TUI AG, the world’s leading tourism group, TUI China was established in 2003 as the first joint venture with foreign majority share in the Chinese tourism industry. Our dynamic international team provides innovative tour products and M.I.C.E solutions serving a diverse range of clientele, from individuals to corporate clients and special interest groups. What sets us apart is our intimate knowledge of both our local destination – China- and all other markets and destinations within the “World of TUI.” Rest assured that the best available service will be at your disposal.

ZeitBerlinLogoZeit Berlin

The atmosphere of Berlin, that’s what we want to bring to Beijing. A place where everybody feels right at home, where true variety and creativity shine.